Wi-Fi Solutions

Cloud managed Secure Wi-Fi solutions for you and your business that can provide marketing opportunities and analytics, centralised management, performance monitoring and block unwanted website traffic and devices.

Property Management

If you are a property management company, a single branded presence can be created across all your properties using the same configuration and user journeys for your guests. When you need to change the Wi-Fi password, all devices are managed centrally in the cloud so you can change and update, all the Wi-Fi access points, with a couple of clicks.

Your single Wi-Fi presence can provide a High Availability internet service to all your guests across the resort as well as a backup connection between properties in close proximity protecting your brand if an internet outage is seen in a property.

Improve your Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi Signals can be tested and improved without new hardware. Please read this article on ‘improving your Wi-Fi signal’ here. If these suggestions do not fix your signal issues, then an upgrade to your Wi-Fi may be needed and we can review, test and install a tailored solution for you.

Business Wi-Fi

Working with your current vendors, or installation of new hardware, we can install configure and maintain your Wi-Fi ensuring its always up-to-date, secure and always working.

Guest and Social Wi-Fi

Configuring free Wi-Fi for Guests, and any devices near by, can be used as a part of modern marketing strategy. Guests, and people near by, can use your Wi-Fi for free but you can manage their initial user journey and point them to your Facebook page, your latest offers URL etc. before they can get to the information they are after. This increases the traffic and improves the cross selling opportunities for your business.

Branded Wi-Fi

This includes setting up the Wi-Fi with your business name and branded user journeys. e.g. once connected, all users arrive at your branded T’s & C’s welcome page and have to agree before proceeding. This provides a professional view of your business to your clients.


TechSavoie can provide Wi-Fi Access Points that have been configured to provide your guest or event attendees with a branded Wi-Fi user journey. These devices can simply be attached to the already in place Internet connection to provide new Marketing and cross selling opportunities direct to your attendees as well as user analytics to help tailor Marketing campaigns in the future.




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