Smart Home Cameras – Can monitor your house 24/7 both internally and externally. If someone approaches your house, you can watch and communicate with them i.e. give a delivery person instructions where to place the package. If someone enters your house, your Smart Cameras use facial recognition to determine if a member of your family has arrived home and will alert you. Smart cameras can save Alert Clips direct to local storage and also to The Cloud.

Traditionally Alarm systems are linked to a monitoring Company who will charge you a monthly fee for this service, which can be expensive. Depending on your subscription, they can attend site, call the police and give you a call but this could mean that you pay for services you don’t want.

Smart Home Security systems are ideal for 2nd home owners. These systems will keep you up-to-date on the status of your home whist you are away giving you 24/7 visibility in and around your home and therefor peace of mind.

Works with – These Smart Home Security systems can work with other Smart home tech, Smart Lighting can work with your Security system to automatically turn on lights when movement is recorded near your home. Smart Lights can also be scheduled to come on at different time of the day to give the appearance of someone being at home.