Visual Deterrents are your first line of security in your home. According to Police.UK, homes, with no security measures in place are 5 times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures.

Smart Home Security Devices aim to reduce the high installation, hardware and monthly monitoring costs of traditional systems by providing smart devices that can work together to create a system tailored to your needs as well as provide clever automated alerting direct to your Smart Device. Devices Include;Nest Outdoor Cam

  • Cameras – Indoor and Outdoor Cameras monitoring motion, sounds and providing live feeds




  • Lighting – Indoor and outdoor, can be Philips_Hueprogrammed to come on at any time as well as linked to the cameras to activate if motion is detected. Work with smoke and fire alerts by flashing red and changing to a smoke penetrating colour.


  • Doors and Windows – Sensors send alerts if a large vibration is sensed or if a doornest alarm or window is opened whilst alarm system is activated




  • Smoke Detectors – detect smoke and carbon monoxide and will sound a nest-protect-2siren with voice to inform occupants of the danger. It will tell your smart thermostat to turn off your boiler and activate your lighting at a setting that will penetrate smoke.




  • Doorbell – Smart doorbells also act as a recording camera and can alert you if movement is detected even though the person hasn’t rang your doorbell.


Check out this more in-depth Blog article on Smart Home Security.








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