If there is one piece of Smart Technology I would recommend to start with, it would be a Smart Thermostat. These clever devices learn your preferences then monitor and manage your heating. It will ensure that its always at your favourite temperature when you are at home. When you aren’t, it reduces the temperature to help you save money. They also;

  • learn how long it takes to heat up your home, so it knows ecobeewhen to start heating ready for your arrival.
  • uses Geo Fencing via the Smart App on your mobile, so it knows when you are on your way home
  • changes the temperature when you aren’t at home, helping you to reduce costs but also ensuring your home doesn’t freeze and cause problems with pipes which is useful in the mountains
  • can be controlled remotely via an App on your Smart device, from anywhere over the internet.
  • work with other Smart Technologies giving you greater safety features and functionality

Be Aware: There are many heating systems, which also differ in each country and you Netatmoneed to ensure that the Smart Thermostat you choose is compatible with your heating type. e.g. Googles Nest device is different in the U.S. to the one available in Europe. It is also only compatible with Hydronic Systems and not Electric Underfloor.

Smart Thermostats work with – Smoke Detectors, lighting, Voice Assistance, Home Security products, Vacuum Robots…the list is long and continually being added to, but you get the idea.




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