Morzine – Grand Cheval Blanc

Grand Cheval Blanc is an apartment in the Ski Resort of Morzine, in the Les Portes du Soleil ski domain. The property is the 2nd home of a family living in the UK who rent out their property during the Winter and Summer seasons.


During the rental seasons they use a local company to manage the marketing, rental and guests which means that during these times there are plenty of people in and out of the apartment who will maintain and check for any problems whilst its rented. But what happens outside these seasons?

The family wanted a Smart Home solution that would monitor the property, provide automated alerts in case of issues and to ensure the apartment is running on minimum heat and electricity when not in use.

Nest Outdoor CamFirst came an on-site meeting with the Client to discuss the layout of the apartment, a physical Security Review and an internal network review.  We also had a meeting with the management company to discuss their requirements for their guests, what is expected and current feedback and performance issues/problems if any.

With this initial scope we put together an solution with costs and presented to the client. We went through a few phases of iteration and came to an agreed cost effective solution with time frame.20170513_093040967_iOS.jpg

The apartment now has an upgraded and secured Wired/Wireless Internet infrastructure. The Smart Home system is separated from all guest devices to ensure that guests devices cannot inadvertently cause problems with the Smart Home system.

The Smart Home system has a Smart Camera Security system that will automatically record anything suspicious and alert the owners automatically.  The system will monitor both inside their property as well as outside, covering all points of entry i.e. windows aswell as doors.

nest-protect-2The Smart System has smoke detectors around the apartment that will work as a single system to monitor for Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Moisture. The system will provide an alarm with voice alerts to the occupants if there is a problem, as well as alerting both of the owners smart devices.

A Smart Home Thermostat has been installed to enable the owners to monitor and manage the heating remotely. During the rental seasons the thermostat is set to 22.5 degrees and this can only be changed by 2 degrees by the guests either down or up. Out of season the thermostat is set to automatically manage the heating at 14 degrees when no one is using the property. When the owners are travelling to Morzine, they are able to set the temperature so everything is ready for their arrival.









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