Cost Saving

Lights – Using Smart Home technology you only use the utilities when they are required. Selected lights turn on as you get home, lights in a room will only turn walk in to a room and then turn off again when you leave.

Power – Devices on standby continue to use electricity. Smart Electrical sockets can turn off power to your devices, i.e. your Home Entertainment System, ensuring no power is consumed through the night or when you are at work etc. but will turn it back on when you arrive home.

Heating – Your Smart Heating system will turn off your heating or reduce the temperature when you do not need it. It will learn your weekly habits, the room temperatures that you like and will automatically schedule the heating for you. You can also set a base temperature that it will not go below, so this can help to ensure no burst pipes during low temperatures. Imagine arriving back from your holiday, getting to arrivals and, whilst you wait, turning on your heating ready for when you walk.

With all this automation in place, you will start to see cost savings on your utility bills immediately.


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