About Us

Hi, I’m Nick Trott and I have been an IT Professional for 15 years. During that time I have worked for companies like Intel, Fujitsu Siemens and Experian, from a 1st line support analyst to Head of IT Operations.

I have had vast exposure in designing and implementing the architecture that Smart Home devices now use and, seeing the overlap with Business Enterprise, developing an interest in Samrt Home Technology was a very natural step.

With TechSavoie.com I saw an opportunity to align my passion for the mountains, property development, technology and the environment which now means I get to spend more time doing what I want to do in the places I enjoy.

My aim is to provide knowledge, services and advice that will enable our customers to take advantage of these technologies, improve home and business security, reduce energy usage and reduce our impact on the environment as a mountain community.

I also write a Blog on subjects that I am interesting in in the Smart Technology space, offering advice on technology in the home as well as insight in to new technology aimed at environmental issues. Please feel free to follow.



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