Another Ransomware Attack?

Instances of Cybercrime are rising faster than any other form of crime in the UK. According to Crime figures in the UK, Cybercrime instances for 2016 are 3.6m and these are just the ones that were reported.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a term loosely used to cover all aspects of any crime that uses a computer, the internet or has a technical aspect to it. For example, online (cyber) stalking your Facebook account, fraudulent access to your bank account to theft of personal data. Cybercrime covers many different styles of crime and the list is continually growing.


Ransomware uses a couple of techniques to get a Virus/Malware on your laptop or mobile device. Either they will exploit a weakness in your operation system on your device (iOS, windows etc.) or get you to click on a link pretending to be something else (link in an email or a browser pop-up). When it has successfully gained access to a device, it will find your Data (usually stored in a default location) and encrypt it. With encryption, you need a key to unlock it and gain access to the data so if ransomware encrypts your data, you need to pay them money for the key to unlock your data.

How can you protect yourself?

Latest Patches and updates – Ensure all your internet routers, operating systems and personal devices are always up-to-date. Manufacturers continually update their software to ensure that any vulnerabilities found, are made secure. Don’t leave it till tomorrow!

Use strong complex passwords – Easy to guess passwords are, of course, a silly idea. Use a Password manager to generate and store all your online passwords. Check out this article here for more information

Security Software – Anti-virus, firewall and malware protection is offered via all reputable security software manufacturers. If you don’t have Anti-Virus installed, then its not if but when you will be attacked…if you haven’t already

Protect your personal information – Do not give your personal information, account details and or passwords to anyone. If someone asks you to verify your details with them, stop the conversation or delete the email straight away and call the relevant body back using contact information from their website to discuss what has just happened. If it’s a cybercriminal they maybe contacting many more people.

Backup your data – If your computer or device got lost or stolen today, what would be the most annoying to you….losing the device or the data? If it’s the device then your insurance will cover it…..if it’s the latest business accounts and reports or all your holiday photos and music, then replacing these is a little more difficult.

Guest Wi-Fi – What happens if you allow a guest device onto your network but that device as a virus or malware already on it? With guest Wi-Fi, you are openly inviting devices on to your network but with the latest routers and access points your can ensure that these devices do not have access to other devices on your network and thus ensuring that the device does not spread its infection.

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